Blinks Game System & New Party Expansion

Created by Move38

9 games to make memories with friends & family and 5 brand new Party games to destroy them

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Exclusive Sushi Roll Art & Production Schedule
4 days ago – Mon, May 23, 2022 at 05:33:40 PM

Hey Backers,

It’s May and things are heating up! ☀️

This latest Kickstarter update will be a quick breakdown of your bonus Kickstarter Sushi Roll carry case, our upcoming production schedule, and overall commitments to quality. Lots to discuss!

🤘Jock & Roll

After we collected the responses to our sushi roll design survey, it was neck and neck between Jocktopus, OR having all six party animals appear on the case. Instead of a tie breaker, we prototyped designs for both of ‘em!

After looking at both cases and carefully considering quality and aesthetic, we decided to go with our friendly body building cephalopod! This mascot was clearly built to carry lots of Blinks 😉.  With a pleasing color scheme and clean look, we have a feeling you will be very happy to receive the FIRST EVER custom art sushi roll case!

This mascot was made for carrying stuff!

Quality First

It’s likely not a surprise that the state of the world has had a profound effect on supply chains, and for that reason, we are being extra cautious with parts we purchase by adding an additional QA (Quality Assurance) process during procurement. This week our factory is receiving one of our most critical parts and will take the next 2 weeks to assemble and test a small batch units. Fingers crossed these meet our standards so we can purchase the rest for production.


For those excited to know more about the process and our production schedule, the following breaks down just some of what Move38 is accomplishing over the next few months.

  • May/June – Part procurement & QA testing
  • June 30th – Game Completion (Code, Game Art, Game Rulebooks)
  • July 1st – (Materials received in factory) Production Begins
  • August 1st – Production Complete
  • August 25th – Receive materials at shipping hubs
  • September 6th – Begin shipping

Look forward to our next update which will include information about the pledge manager, Backerkit.

-Jonathan + the Move38 team

Blinks Upcoming Events
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 05:36:38 PM

Hey Backers,

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since we successfully Kickstarted the next batch of Blinks and the Party Pack games. The team is hard at work getting our materials together and future updates will share samples and materials in progress 🙌 . Our target ship date is September and we are working on schedule. 

If this is your first time backing a Kickstarter, we won't be collecting mailing addresses until closer to the ship date, and we will use Backerkit, our pledge manager to collect your information, keep an eye on these updates and you won't miss it. For now, I'd like to share about some upcoming events and opportunities to meet the team!

Say Hello at PAX East

One of our favorite game events, PAX East, is next week and for the first time, the team will be exhibiting Blinks. If you live close to Boston, come on out to the convention and say hello! we'll be setup at Booth 10088. We'll be showing off games that the community has designed and making "Game Maker Kits" available.

thrilled to be in such incredible gaming company

Later this year, in June, we are scheduled to be at Origins Game Fair, and in August, we will be in Indianapolis for the biggest tabletop game convention in the US, GenCon.

A week with Curious Minds

Last week, I was in Atlanta to give a talk at an event called Gathering 4 Gardner, in which people gather for their love of puzzles, games, and all things recreational mathematics. I enjoyed spending my time with magicians and quantum physicists alike. Blinks served as a great excuse to bring people together in the hotel lobby late at night. Here's short clip of some late night gameplay of one of Blinks more social games. 

Jonathan + the Move38 team

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2 months ago – Sat, Mar 26, 2022 at 03:44:08 AM


Thank You! You made our Kickstarter campaign a huge success, with the final 48 hours beyond our wildest dreams! Thanks to all 931 backers, now a part of the Blinks community. Welcome! The Kickstarter campaign is now closed, and the creative journey is just getting started. 

Special Thanks!

To new friends and old for previewing Blinks in fashion and sharing the campaign:

TerreDice Games, Danielle Standring, Kidsplaining, Danielle Reynolds, Pudgy Cat Games, David Chapman, CrowdSurfing with the Dice Tower, Tabletop Gaymers, Brooklyn Game Lab, Solid State Bar, America By Design

Next Steps

I’m actually pressing send on this update and then going for a hike with my partner Jamie (it’s her birthday) and dog Ernie... and the Move38 team is going to rest up this weekend so we can get to work Monday morning to bring you great games and keep you updated on our progress. With regular Kickstarter updates we’ll let you behind the scenes, will ask for your input, and announce when we open the pledge manager.

Note: Your mailing address will be collected much closer to the ship-date, so no need to worry about where we will be shipping to.

Thanks for joining the Party! With endless gratitude 🙏🙏🙏

Jonathan + the Move38 team

Another Stretch Goal Unlocked!! $100K 🎉
2 months ago – Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 06:17:01 PM

Hey Backers,

We’ve got exciting news, this party keeps getting better and we still have 36 hrs to go! Let’s recap: All Pledges including the Party Pack Games get a FREE 6th Blink & Game. BOOM! Today, you unlocked another Stretch Goal, and FREE NEW custom artwork carry case.

Custom Sushi Roll Carry Case (Cast your Vote)

The Party Pack is already coming with an Unagi Blue Sushi Roll carry case...

In addition to that every backer of this Kickstarter campaign will get a Special Edition Sushi Roll. Which mascot would you like to see on this special Sushi Roll? We mocked up the tentacular Tangle themed roll, but we want to hear from you! Cast your vote for the custom Sushi Roll.

Unlocked, Free Blink, Free Game!!!

Y'all have turned this party to 11, and every single pledge including the Party Pack is now getting a free Blink and a new game. Introducing Circular Logic. If you missed the livestream, you can catch some details about a first of its kind game for Blinks here

Thanks International Backers!

In the Blinks Community Discord, we noticed that one of you, did a much better job of communicating the work we’ve done to make shipping easy on Int’l backers. Our shipping estimates appeared high because all of our estimates include VAT (which is calculated based on the price of the product).

See the entire thread by joining the Discord

It's a perfect time to let your fellow game enthusiast know that they have a limited time to get in on the party 🎉

-Jonathan + the Move38 team

Huge Announcement, Video Premiere!
3 months ago – Tue, Mar 08, 2022 at 02:14:39 PM

Hey Backers,

We’re halfway through the campaign! We’re premiering a video this Thursday, March 10th at 1pm. Ryan and I answer your questions and chat about the Blinks Party Pack. We’ll also be sneaking a huge announcement in this video so be sure to tune in.

Introducing Don’t Croak!

The 5th game in the Party Pack Expansion is finally here. Simultaneous play keeps the game snappy even for big groups (5-12 players). When you wanna be the big frog in a small pond, you trust no one and chaos ensues.

This one will have the whole gang dying of laughter. Here’s Ryan:

To get a feel for how Don't Croak is played, here are some candid clips of gameplay:

See you at the Thursday Premiere

Jonathan + the Move38 team

P.S. Hey backers in NYC, interested in playtesting some Party Pack games? Join us at Solid State, an amazing pinball bar in Queens, tomorrow Wednesday 3/9 @ 8PM. Send us a message if you are coming by so we are sure to find you!